So here are some things which will make any Chainsaw fan or Gunnar Hansen fan happy. Look them over, and then check the bottom of the page for ordering information. Thanks!

Puttin' on a New Face

Carlos Henriques at The Butcher Shop has designed and made a new Pretty Woman mask. It is extremely accurate and is hand-made. It is being produced in a very limited edition of 74, and comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, signed by me. With only 74 being produced, they will not last long. Click here to check them out at the Butcher Shop. Click here to see a video about the masks.

A Piece of the Rock

This is an actual piece of the foundation of the "Chainsaw house" on Quick Hill, where we filmed Chainsaw. Tim Harden and I retreived a few of them from the site after the house itself was moved away. (See Tim's site for more about that.) This is an actual stone from the foundation of the house, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by me.

R-1: Foundation Rock - $100

The Three Faces of Gunnar

This beautiful lithograph was printed on heavy paper in a limited edition of 500. Then each one was signed and numbered by the artist. The central portrait is of me as "The Stranger" in Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, as is the smaller portrait on the lower left, with the hood and chainsaw. The portrait on the lower right is, of course, of me as Leatherface. I sign each Litho when you order it and can personalize it if you like. When this edition runs out, there will be no more.

L-1: Lithograph -- $30.

Leatherface stands under the meathooks Item ID: PX1 Price: $30
Chainsaw Family in the back yard Item ID: PX2 Price: $30
Leatherface & his saw in the kitchen Item ID: PX3 Price: $30
Leatherface dances Item ID: PX4 Price: $30
Leatherface runs Item ID: PX5 Price: $30
The Chainsaw Family at dinner Item ID: PX7 Price: $35
Leatherface cuts with the saw Item ID: PX9 Price: $30
Leatherface feeds Grandpa Item ID: PX10 Price: $30 2x signed, by GH & John Dugan (Grandpa) Price: $50
Leatherface with Grandpa Item ID: PX11 Price: $30 2x signed, by GH & John Dugan (Grandpa) Price: $50
Leatherface in bone room Item ID: PX12 Price: $30
Leatherface in color Item ID: PX13 Price: $30
Pam on the meathook, signed by the entire cast (signature placement varies) Item ID: PX14 Price: $950
Family in the back yard, signed by the entire cast (signature placement varies) Item ID: PX15 Price: $950
First day of issue envelope signed by entire cast, limited edition of 110 (signature placement varies) Item ID: PX16 Price: $950
The 3 Leatherfaces Item ID: PX17 Gunnar, RA Mihailoff, Bill Johnson, 3x signed Price: $50 Edition limited to 500, each piece numbered.
Gunnar as Krenshaw in Brutal Massacre Item ID: PX18 Price: $30
GH & Debbie Rochon, Hellblock, 2x signed Item ID: PX19 Price: $50
GH's head & Debbie, Hellblock, 2x signed Item ID: PX20 Price: $50
Gunnar Hansen in Freakshow Item ID: PX21 Price: $30
Gunnar headshot Item ID: PX22 Price: $30

Please add $5 per order for shipping and handling, except for foreign shipment of rocks, which is $30 per rock.

These prices include the signature on the item. If, on the other hand, you wish to have me sign an item of yours that you are shipping to me, the charge is $30 per signature. If the item is oversized (posters, figures, masks, chainsaws, etc), the price is $40 per item. If you want me to sign a Certificate of Authenticity with the item, that CoA is an additional $30.

Please enclose appropriate packaging and postage for return shipping on the items you are sending to me to sign. There is no additional shipping charge for this.

Send your orders to
Gunnar Hansen, PO Box 368, Northeast Harbor ME 04662.